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The anti-social mum

Who would’ve thought that taking your child to school could be such a social minefield? I know it shouldn’t be hard, but it is – especially if you’re not keen on people at the best of times.

Sometimes, my jaw hurts from the amount of fake smiling I have to do at drop off and pick up, and sometimes I find myself blurting out sentences that make no sense, or are hastily concocted and make me sound moronic.

Some people are naturals at small talk – alas, I am not one of them. I even started cutting my own hair because I didn’t want to have to talk to the hairdresser. I know that makes me sound barking mad and really anti-social, but if I’m honest, my brain just needs a rest.

Some people can be hilariously witty about the trials and tribulations of being a parent and let’s be honest – websites are littered with ‘funny mummy blogs’ that are all well put together and painfully honest about shitty nappies and lumpy vomit.

There’s a kind of communal ‘hurrah’ we’re all in the same boat sort of feeling but it’s confession time for me – I never read any other parenting blogs. Part of it, is because I can’t be bothered and the other part is because I actually really don’t care.

I don’t think it’s because I’m heartless, more just because I find my own experiences enough, thank you very much. I have my own stuff to worry about, without reading someone else’s raucously funny post about being the anti-mum and finding solace at the end of a wine bottle.

But I think most of it, is just because I’m tired. I’m so tired that I nearly fell asleep in my yoga class (I know, how terribly yummy mummy – don’t I have better things to do? At the moment – no). But it’s not nearly so yummy when I tell you the class was full of people who could barely stand on one leg, let alone wrap it around the other and fold over. It was hardly latte sipping, lunch meeting posh totty territory.

Because life is rarely as glamorous, exciting or as hilarious as most people make out – it’s full of pretty mundane stuff and sometimes, that’s OK. I, for one, quite like to plod, I like to stay in, watch TV and sometimes it makes me feel good when I mop the floor. See – exciting, I am not; but I am content (even without a wine bottle and a straw).

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