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Two Sisters – a love/hate story (but mainly hate)

on May 21, 2014

Our eldest has finally realised her little sister is here to stay.  Probably much to her disgust based upon the punishment she dished out to her smaller (but not by much) sibling.  Our big, bad eldest decided yesterday she wanted to leave baby sister in the car – all night.  When I explained we couldn’t do that and proceeded to unbuckle child number 2, child number 1 took matters into her own hands and started smacking our youngest with the full force of a mighty 3 year old.  Poor number 2 wasn’t quite sure what was going on judging by the slightly confused look on her face.

Our eldest has only ever really lashed out once at her sister and but that was some time ago, on that occasion our eldest kicked her sister in the stomach – there were 2 outcomes of that.  The first was that because our youngest is so chubby, our eldest’s foot simply bounced off leaving a rather shocked younger sister who was only ever so slightly aware that her belly had deflected what could have been a big blow.  The second was that I saw red and smacked child number 1.  This was only the second ever time she had been smacked in her (then) 2 and a half years.  The look on her face was one I shall never forget – it was a cross between: “how DARE you smack me” and “note to self – don’t hit annoying little sister.”  My anger was immediate and short lived, quickly followed by remorse and visions of appearing before a disapproving courtroom of people who would obviously never, ever, ever lose their temper when their child did anything to hurt others or themselves.

So yesterday’s outburst of meanness on her part was unexpected and completely unprovoked which is what left me baffled.  There we were driving back from nursery, in silence I might add because they had both been naughty and did the whole: ‘we are going to scream and wriggle and make our bodies go rigid and limp in quick succession so you can’t buckle us up’ act.  Obviously as I was trying to belt them up (figuratively and actually) I was trying to be compromising and reasonable – mainly for show as we were parked in the nursery drop off point, I was of course inwardly fuming.  As soon as the car doors were shut they were told in no uncertain terms that their behaviour was unacceptable, not that I’m sure they understand what is or isn’t acceptable (they are only 3 and 20 months afterall) but they clearly knew they’d been bad because child number 1 looked down into her lap and child number 2 did her usual ‘I’m going to turn my face away because if I can’t see you, I can ignore you’ performance.

After a quick snack the naughtiness was reignited at bath time, this time more stealthily done – clearly our eldest is a fast learner.  She waited until my back was turned before delivering a sharp slap to her sister’s arm, apart from the sound of a little hand hitting chubby flesh and her sister’s wailing, you would never have known from her face that she had done anything wrong – she’s obviously a natural poker player.  She is also – as yesterday proved, an aspiring drama queen.  After the dramatics of bath time were over and we retreated to what I thought would be the calmness of bed time, our eldest decided to take the opportunity to play the victimised elder sister.  She placed her face in the path of her sister’s book waving – on purpose – I could almost see the little cogs in her brain mulling the best course to take.  As the book (Meg & Mog, the thinnest paperback you can imagine) brushed her cheek she let out the most terrific yelp.  “She hit me” was her traumatised cry.  Oh dear – how does one handle this without laughing at the ham acting and blatant tittle tattling (something else she is becoming very good at).  I can see that this new act of hers is something she will pursue but it does need work if it is to become convincing, perhaps on the day she collects her Oscar we’ll think it was all worth it.  Perhaps.


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