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The Annual Cup of Tea

on April 23, 2014

It was my birthday over the Easter weekend – 4 days off with the children off nursery and at home – how were we going to cope?  Was it going to be our own interpretation of Lord of the Flies or were we going to find ourselves blissfully hand holding and singing a la the Von Trapps?  Well, clearly it was never going to be the latter.  But it wasn’t quite the scenes of carnage I was worrying about.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with the girls – it’s just that I am usually too exhausted to try and reason with and respond patiently to the constant ‘buy why mummy?’ or ‘be like a horsey mummy.’  Even less delightful are the attempts at nappy changing a reluctant toddler who insists on kicking me in the face whilst scratching her bottom at the same time.

Nevertheless it was a double celebration – my birthday and lots of chocolatey goodness – hurrah!  Now, with my birthday comes my Annual Cup of Tea, (lovingly – I like to think) made by my other half.  I only get treated to cups of tea made by his fair hands once a year and then this year he announces the offer is only good for 1 cup.  Sadly I didn’t realise the rules had changed and used up my ‘1 cup’ quota before lunchtime.  In terms of presents and present opening – well, I haven’t opened my own presents for about 2 years now because usually 2 excited little hands get there first and this year I didn’t stand a chance as there were 4 sticky hands in total all eager to tear away the wrapping paper.  Luckily the children’s interest in presents begins and ends with the paper, they have no desire to know what the contents are unless it involves brightly coloured plastic, flashing likes or makes an (un)tuneful noise.

I even got treated to a cake which was a bonus because I thought I would have to make my own.  The cake continued the Easter theme and was chocolate through and through because as everyone knows Easter is about ‘the bunny that brings presents’ according to our eldest.  Perhaps it was a mistake to choose a chocolate cake – the children’s excitement pre cake eating paled into insignificance at their excitement post cake eating as you can imagine.  So now we had 2 chocolate fuelled girls and the come down to look forward to.  My, this was an eventful birthday.

It was so eventful in fact that the next day my other half declared he was tired and didn’t feel very well and had to spend the morning in bed.  Clearly the effort of dealing with the chocolate consequences and the making of my Annual Cup of Tea was simply too exhausting.  We rounded off the weekend with the stereotypical family country walk, we were one of those families, happily wandering through bridle ways and footpaths, dog in tow.  We were happy that is, until my eldest fell into a ditch and insisted on being carried all the way home.  So all in all, not quite the Von Trapps but neither did we spiral to depths of unruliness that I quite feared.  I’m looking forward to my next birthday already but I’ve made a note to self to re-negotiate the terms of my tea quota.


One response to “The Annual Cup of Tea

  1. you need to drive a much harder bargain on the tea front! can’t believe T. need a day to recover from his arduous brewing…

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