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The Much Anticipated Night Out

on April 10, 2014

We went out on Saturday night.  Actually, properly went out – 8 adults all desperate for a drink – at least I was anyway.  It was a highly anticipated night, having been in the planning for at least 2 months by our very own PA extraordinaire, which to be honest was exactly what we needed.  We were otherwise, 7 very tired sheep with jobs and small children to pacify so a guiding Shepherd(ess ) was exactly what was needed.  This was a night I definitely did not want to miss, I truly can’t remember the last time I’d been out to a proper restaurant with a grown up menu and food that doesn’t come only in shades of brown or breadcrumbed.  Even more exciting – this was to be an evening gathering.  Well, everyone knows that nights out are far more exciting than days out!

Typically I was struck down by a cough of such body wracking proportions I was worried I might not make the ‘Much Anticipated Night Out’.  Nobody wants to listen to a hacking cough whilst making polite conversation do they? So days before the Big Event, I stuffed down as many throat sweets and drank as much cough medicine that I could find.  By the time Saturday came along I was quite giddy with medication – this topped off by several glasses of Sancerre would surely give me high that would take days to come down from – Saturday night was going to be good.

And it was.  It was lovely, you could almost feel the release of stress as soon as the first drinks were gulped sipped.  Inevitably the conversation steered towards children and family life.  One story that sticks in my mind was about a friend’s friend who drove to work passing fields on which manure was being laid.  When she got to work she couldn’t shake off the smell of manure.  The realisation slowly, dreadfully dawned upon her.  That wasn’t muck spreading on the fields.  And that wasn’t the smell of farm manure.  It was the remnants of her child’s nappy smeared on her work clothes.   And so the night’s conversation continued in a similar vein, discussing the antics of children and the various escapades we find ourselves in.

We were all enjoying ourselves immensely.  That was until, a girl and her I assume boyfriend decided to leave and as they were passing our table hissed at us: “you’re all so f***ing boring!”  My, my I thought, someone’s not had a good evening.  Clearly her terrible evening was exacerbated by listening to us talk about children’s poo and finding random masticated food stuffs in our handbags.  I appreciate it’s not the conversation many would enjoy listening to and clearly even less so when you are sufficiently bored of your date to be forced to listen to it.  But we didn’t care, we were having fun even if no one else around us was.

And so a good night was had by all (except Disgruntled Girl)……a very good night judging by some of the sore heads in the morning.  Rather disappointingly I didn’t have a sore head although I suspect my overdose of cough medicine may have had the adverse effect of heightening my tolerance for alcohol.  Oh well…there’s always the next time!



2 responses to “The Much Anticipated Night Out

  1. wow – sounds like a “proper classy bird!”


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