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In Which We Explore ‘Hilarious’ Toddler Statements

on February 19, 2014

Some of my eldest’s observations are really funny, but there are some comments she makes where I’m not entirely sure if she is being funny or not.  It could be she has an over developed sense of sarcasm or irony but I don’t think that’s the case.  I think she just comes out with whatever pops in to her 3 year old head; which is a bit worrying.

So, she has started to use comparisons, primarily between her and her little sister.  These are the usual, predictable “mummy says I’ve been good, but she [naughty little sister] is not” and “I’m a girl and Otis [the greedy Labrador] is a boy” and then there are the statements: “you’re so silly” which is usually directed at my other half and a true statement or “my bottom just burped” again usually a true statement that can be corroborated by smell.  Her sentence construction has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few months.  The speed at which she caught up with all her little friends has taken us a little by surprise.  Our eldest was always a little bit behind her peers in speech, whilst they could master complicated (for a toddler) consonant filled words such as ‘banana’ or ‘kiwi fruit’, ours could just about manage ‘pig’ and ‘dog’ the latter applying to all furry four legged creatures.  So having a suddenly articulate child is still a novelty and one which most of the time is delightful, although I can foresee a time in the not so distant future when it might become rather tiresome.

Niceties aside she can come out with some infuriating comments: “I DON’T want that” usually accompanied feet stamping, another very irritating and clichéd but sadly true toddler action, or “go away mummy” – I’ve not quite worked out whether she means this one or not and have been slightly perplexed as to how to take it.  Then there is “no you can only have a cuddle, no kisses” in response to bedtime tucking in which does make me a little sad but looking on the positives it does mean she can’t slather my face with her snot.  The most hurtful comment was in response to an “I love you” to which she replied “no, you don’t”, when prompted a bit further it seems she is now taking to heart the cuddles and kisses and the carrying around that our youngest receives.  Your sister is much smaller than you we tried to explain, she can’t get in and out of the high chair without being carried, she can’t walk down the stairs and she can’t say what she needs so she has lots of cuddles for reassurance.  Then it dawned on me (rather slow on the uptake I know) that although she is the eldest she still needs as much reassurance and overt demonstrations of affection as our youngest, after all there are only 21 months between them and in her little mind they are the same (they are almost the same height and weight, but again that is a whole other story).

With all that in mind I have tried to be as cuddly as possible, dropping almost everything for on demand hugs – really not that easy though if you are accosted mid vegetable chopping.  So it was with some dismay that I heard her latest statement, we were playing in her room before bath time when she started to shut the door hollering out to the rest of the world “you can’t go in, there’s a monster in there called mummy!”  Did she mean that? I sincerely hope not.



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