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The one in which we talk about wee-wees and poo-poos

on January 23, 2014

Joy to the world – our eldest has now been potty trained.  When I say potty trained, I mean during the day and up until yesterday just number ones.  Overall the transition was smooth but perhaps this was due to the chocolaty rewards that ensued after each potty captured wee-wee.  To be honest, it wasn’t an experience I was looking forward to, in fact I did everything I could think of to put it off, not because our eldest wasn’t ready it was probably more that I wasn’t.  I didn’t relish the thought of trying to memorize where every child friendly toilet in the town centre was, or having to deal with any ‘accidents’ in public places – who wants to peel off wee soaked pants in the middle of Sainsbury’s?

Although I needn’t have worried, in those early few days, my eldest demonstrated a bladder of steel.  Almost the whole day would pass before any sign of liquid gold being released.  By day 4 though the skill had been mastered, I’m not sure we did everything ‘by the book’ though, I don’t think chocolate covered mini biscuits are recommended rewards but whatever works, right?  ‘This is easy’ my other half jubilantly praised, ‘we should’ve done it ages ago’ (our eldest is the last of our ‘group’ to be potty trained by some distance), ‘hmmm’ I replied – and just how many poos and wees have you had to clean up I thought.

Success aside, there were obviously hilarities that occurred – though at the time hilarity wasn’t the word that sprung to mind.  There was the time after a long Sunday walk where my eldest ran into the house and couldn’t quite reach the potty in time – the result? Wellies filled to the brim with wee – ‘they’ll dry out’ said the other half – 5 weeks later they are still languishing in the utility room and even after this lengthy time I’m not quite sure if it’s the smell of urine or rubber that is most prevalent.

The time after that there was an incident with the ‘number two’.  Needless to say, the other half was nowhere in sight – he was actually out on the town, cleverly having planned Christmas drinks out with friends on Christmas Eve no less, but this is a WHOLE other story! So our eldest felt the urge and pushed before realising oops, there’s no nappy and started screaming as she realised that the offending number two would dirty her new Peppa Pig pants.  So alarming was this thought, said pushing stopped before the full deposit had made its way out.  Half in and half out, what do I do? I spent a panicked few seconds running around thinking about how to tackle this one, I was quite tempted to use one of the dog’s poop bags but thought that might send out the wrong message to my already distressed child.  But after countless wet wipes and cuddles later the situation was under control.

The one public accident we had was on an aeroplane.  That’s right, why have an accident on the ground, when you can have one thousands of miles in the air and where the only toilets are ones that are tiny and shared between hundreds of other people…..and usually engaged.  Anyway, this was my time to sit back, after all I had our youngest on my lap, let’s see how daddy copes with this one I thought. And actually, he coped really rather well, quick thinking and reflexes saw him whip a nappy under her bottom to catch the excess, a quick wipe down and a change of clothes later, all was calm again.  Although, we apologise if someone sat on a rather damp 28c seat back.

That brings us up to date and to yesterday which saw the first number two successfully (and safely) deposited in potty.  Hurrah!


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